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Saturday, 13th February 2016 

The relocation of Head Office has given us an opportunity to review some of our processes and procedures.  We have recognised that a lot of processes have been a bit disjointed and evolved over time into many different forms.
The most time consuming job for many of our members as well as us has been the League Sanctioning process.  We have therefore reviewed the process and streamlined it to make it easier for League Secretary’s to complete, and quicker for Head Office to process.
There is now just one League Sanction Application Form that needs to be completed and emailed to Head Office, to be used with immediate effect.  This is an Excel document which allows you to enter all the details of your league and your bowlers in one easy to use format.  This can then be saved to your computer and emailed to Head Office –
Membership fees will then need to be sent to Head Office, either by Cheque or by Bank Transfer, with a note advising which league they relate to.  Finally, the President of the league will need to email to confirm their agreement to Rule 103.  This is an important process and the league will not be sanctioned until this has been completed.
There is an additional form for registering new members to your league once sanction has been granted.  A League Secretary’s Checklist is available so that you can tick off each process as it is done.  There is also a League Secretary’s Guide for those of you who are starting a league from scratch and need some help.  All of these forms are available to download from the Leagues and Sanctioning page.
As with all new processes, there will be a settling in period  where we may need to review the system and make amendments.  We would therefore welcome any feedback that you have.

Lisa John
Director of Membership Services
British Tenpin Bowling Association
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