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BTBA and Brunswick Strike a Deal!

The BTBA and bowling industry heavyweights Brunswick have joined together in an exciting new partnership which will roll-off in preparation for 2012, the year of sport in Britain. Exclusive to members, the ‘Match Up’ benefits package was launched on 1st September 2011 and will give existing and new members fantastic cash back guarantees on selected Brunswick balls.

So long as you are a BTBA member and the ball was supplied by Bowling Vision, ( ) Brunswick’s sole UK distributor, and purchased through any UK pro shop, members can take advantage of this amazing deal:


'Match Up' Benefits

Mastermind and Melee



£25.00 cash back Brunswick Pro Performance Ball
Aura Mystic


£18.75 cash back Brunswick High Performance Ball
Mainstreak Beatdown


Download the Mstermind and Melee Offer Here


Aura Mystic and Meanstreak Beatdown

£25.00 cash back Brunswick Pro Performance Ball
Aura Mystic



£18.75 cash back Brunswick High Performance Ball
Mainstreak Beatdown



Download the Aura Mystic and Meanstreak Beatdown Offer Here


All members need to do is, having bought one of Brunswick’s selected balls, download a voucher from the BTBA website, complete the details and send it off to Bowling Vision to claim their cash back.

That means, annual membership could be absolutely free making it a fantastic opportunity for new members to join our country-wide bowling family.

Over the last decade, membership has declined in numbers, but without a national governing body there would be no sport and bowling would be little more than a recreational activity in this country.

It is therefore extremely important that members continue to support the BTBA and where possible encourage new bowlers to join and past members to re-join. The BTBA are working very hard to secure the best opportunities and deliver the best service possible for members.

Even if members are happy with their existing ball range and don’t envisage a new ball any time soon, membership is still less than 50p a week, which actually is remarkable value for money. To enable bowlers to join the BTBA more easily, application forms will also be available at pro shops.


BTBA Chairman, Mrs Pat White along with Graham Waller worked very hard to deliver the

‘Match Up’ package and Pat had this to say;

Along with many other sports, the current financial climate has affected Tenpin Bowling at every level, from recreational bowlers to industry stake holders and you as members, people have faced challenging times. As BTBA Chairman, I have been acutely aware of the need to preserve our sport and do all in my power to secure our future with what is an enviable reputation alongside the world leaders of Tenpin Bowling.

Recent years has shown a decline in our membership numbers and the sad but true fact must be faced, without a national governing body, Tenpin Bowling will lose recognition as a sport. With valued colleagues I have worked hard to prevent further erosion of membership and we will continue to do so. This has taken the form of wide consultation, discussions with the TBPA, with whom we now share a very positive working relationship and which has so far resulted in initiatives such as the loyalty reward scheme.

In short, although this has proved successful, we need to do more before we finally turn the corner and that is why, having negotiated with Brunswick our Team England sponsors, I am delighted to unveil the exciting new package of benefits which are exclusive to our members.

People sometimes ask what they get for their membership fee and it is not always possible to give a monetary value to everything the BTBA delivers as many benefits are intangible but there should be no doubt that we are constantly striving for more benefits and totally committed to looking after our members.

The BTBA and our friends at the TBPA are now in our 50th year of existence. We have always tried to serve the needs of our members and patrons and with your continued support and loyalty we hope that we now have the foundations in place to bring you another 50 years of bowling.”

So strong words of encouragement from the Chairman who also is keen to hear from members who may have new ideas on how to further develop the sport we all love. Simply email your thoughts to Head Office, and we will publish a selection of these on the BTBA website.


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