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NC Meeting 16th May 2015 Minutes


Meeting of the NATIONAL COUNCIL held Saturday, 16th May 2015 at the Holiday Inn, Luton


Chairman:                                   Ron Griffin

Membership Services:              Jerry Moll* (Director), Dan Bonfield, Lisa John, Colin Laing

Sport Development:                   Terry Searle (Director), Jo Cundy, Mark Heathorn, Karen Parslow, Martyn Wenger

Finance and Business:             Marcus Buckley Bennion (Director), Ken Iredale*, Stuart Watson, Fraser Bowen*

Legal:                                            Dave Steiner (Vice-Chair), Chris Hillman*

Also Invited:                                  Matt Miller (Chief Executive) and Bernice Bass (Head Office Manager and Clerk to meeting) and TBPA x 1 officer*

 * denotes absent




Apologies received from: Jerry Moll, Ken Iredale, Chris Hillman  Andrew Green  (TBPA)

Action: Marcus to ascertain the situation with Frazer Bowen who had not responded to HO or the Chairman insofar as attendance on the 16th May was concerned

There were no declarations of business interests.



The Chairman apologised for the late distribution of the previous minutes and also the late distribution of the previous two meetings which had not been placed on the website but the process would be improved.   In addition minutes of the Executive meetings will hopefully be sent out within the next 24 hours.



Karen Parslow is registered as not attending but under WNC on page 4 is shown as making a statement which was actually made by Terry Searle.

Lisa John pointed out that the reference to Chichester YBC on page 4 is also incorrect as this League was lost some three years ago.



The Chairman stated that he would like to focus of the AGM to ensure a smooth running meeting.   Relatively few questions had been received but, for the first time, these are being incorporated in the official part of the meeting in order for the responses to be recorded.   No supplementary or additional question will be taken from the floor but, should time allow, these will be dealt with during informal discussion after the AGM Agenda has been dealt with.     If sufficient information is not available to give a comprehensive answer, a written response will be sent as soon as possible.


Head of Elite

Jo Cundy confirmed that the Trials were going well.    Poole had been very successful, with an increase in entries.

Entries for Tolworth were slightly down but  the fact that this was a World Championship year must be taken into consideration.

Roger Hunter had been accepted as a Junior TE Selector and Chris Skudder as a Senior TE Selector along with Maurie Phillott.

Jo went on to explain that an invitation had been received to participate in a tournament in Japan.   This was extended to 2 men and 2 women.    The event was a World Ranking event and also a showcase insofar as seeking admission into the 2020 Olympics which were being held in Japan.   Only three countries have been invited to send two male and female participants and England is one of them.    A great deal of thought had been given to selection and England will be sending Dom Barrett, Paul Moor, Danni Hopcroft and Keira Reay.   The Japanese Congress will pay for flight and hotel and the BTBA will have a contract to allow the players a per diem allowance for food and they will return part of any winnings, upto £5,000 00 each to the BTBA.


AGM Agenda

Item 1              Mrs Bass

Item 2              Ron Griffin

Item 3              In the absence of the Treasurer, Marcus to present the Financial Statement with any comments

Item 4              Colin Laing to propose Ron Griffin on behalf of the NC, Martyn Wenger to second

Item 5              Ron Griffin to present Annual Review rather than Strategic Business Plan as Designated on the AGM

Item 6              Ron Griffin to present proposals previously circulated and put an additional three proposals to the Delegates

                         i           Change the WNC  Chairman to Head of Equality and Diversity

                         ii          Move from Audit to Assurance

                         iii          Extend the tenure of the BTBA Chairman to 2 years


Item 7              Marcus Buckley Bennion to explain that last year it was stated that we would seek tenders and unfortunately this has not happened but the cost of audit has been reduced.   However it was clarified that a full audit is not required and an Assurance would be adequate but far less costly.    If the delegates do not approve the move from Audit to Assurance, Taylor Viney Marlow will be appointed.


Item 8              Questions received will be read by Ron Griffin who will then indicate the Individual to respond    Ron stressed the importance of not attempting to answer any questions if there is any doubt about the reply.   If necessary we can research after the meeting and get back to the delegates.


Item 9              Any Other Business - Dave Steiner mentioned the varying rates of membership fees and suggested that consideration should be given to one fee only, whatever method of joining is used.   Thought should be given to the cost of a Lifetime membership, 3, 5 or 10 year membership.    Mr Steiner also asked members to think about the necessity for a membership card.     It was decided that this came under the auspices of Membership Services and the Regional Officers should report

back to Jerry Moll.  Pay as you play membership was another suggestion. Lisa John confirmed that the Regional Officers and Membership Services were  In fact having discussion with a number of ideas along the lines of those Mentioned.

Colin Laing queried the necessity for leagues needing to re-apply for sanction after the 31st August in order to complete the schedule.   It was generally agreed that this should not be a requirement.

Stuart Watson asked about league sanctioning online and also tournament Sanctioning online

Action: Dave Steiner to obtain required specifications.   Working group to be Formed.



Regional Officers

Daniel Bonfield said that he would like to put something in Inside Line about Worcestershire needing members to form a new Local Association and it was suggested that this go on the website.

Action: Bernice to assist with wording

Daniel explained that there were problems in Cambridgeshire and an EGM had been held.

Role of an Area Secretary to be clarified.   Areas need educating

Action: Daniel to communicate with Dave Steiner

Areas had asked how the rebate had been calculate.

Action: RO to ask Jerry Moll for calculations

Lisa John reported that she had had a very successful visit to Yeovil.   Unfortunately the Bowl Manager did not appear during her visit when Lisa answered a number of questions.

Action: Lisa will produce report for Inside Line



Nothing to report



Nothing to report



Nothing to report



Hall of Fame

It was brought to the attention of the NC that the induction of individuals into the HALL  of  FAME is normally at the Weber Cup but, this may not be held in England this year, in which case a suitable event would need to be established.

Discussion took place relating to nominees being put forward at the end of their career rather than earlier  because this should be recognition of a lifetime achievement.   In addition,  it was felt that the BTBA should be seen to be taking a very active part  in the Hall of Fame as the majority of bowlers perceived the BTBA to be supporting it even though it is not an official device of the Association.   It was unanimously agreed that there should be proper processes  in place and the BTBA  should designate a member of Council to act as their representative.



Dave Steiner suggested changes in the divisions and will put together a firm proposal for changes to be considered.


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