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UPDATED March 16th - scroll down for BTBA Members Benefits With MFA

The British Tenpin Bowling Association and MFA Bowl Ltd are pleased to announce a ground breaking partnership for the benefit of BTBA Members.

With immediate effect MFA recognises the role and work of the BTBA as the National Governing Body for Tenpin Bowling in England and has committed to work to encourage the growth of BTBA membership through BTBA sanctioned leagues within MFA Centres.

For a period of 3 years BTBA Sanctioned leagues and their Members will benefit from a ‘Price Freeze’ in Lineage rates plus other commercial benefits that will significantly exceed the annual cost of BTBA Membership.

Additionally the BTBA will launch the MFA League Cup, a National Tournament for BTBA Sanctioned Leagues hosted and Sponsored by MFA offering exciting playing formats and significant Prize Money.

A third and significant element to the agreement is the establishment of a preferential Tournament Lineage rate available for National BTBA Tournaments across all MFA Centres bring standardisation and cost control for Tournament organisers and savings for BTBA Members.

Speaking at MFA Nottingham during the 2015 BTBA National Championships, BTBA Chairman Ron Griffin welcomed the Partnership; ‘MFA are now a major voice in Tenpin Bowling in this country and our discussions with them lead me to believe that we have established a relationship of mutual benefit. I look forward to our Tournament organisers forging strong working partnerships with MFA staff, our technical teams working closely together and our Members enjoying the fruits of their work."

Responding MFA Bowl Ltd Chairman & CEO Mehdi Afshar said "MFA embraces all areas of Bowling including leisure and sports bowling. We recognise that one cannot exist without the other and that all sports require a strong National Governing Organisation who can set and maintain the standards that guide us all. We intend to play our part in supporting the BTBA by making BTBA membership an attractive option within our Centres and in so doing look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with the BTBA".

Further details of the agreement will be sent to BTBA Members & League secretaries by E Mail and may be read below.


The above announcement heralds a lead from the fastest growing Proprietor in our Sport, that we hope others will seek to follow. MFA have 30 locations across the UK, details of which can be found at

Over the last 6 months we have spent considerable time working with the Senior Management of MFA to agree the terms of an agreement that will have immediate and growing benefits for BTBA Members bowling in MFA Centres. Those benefits are as follows:

a.       League Rates

·         A  3 year price freeze for BTBA sanctioned leagues amounting to a 15% discount for BTBA sanctioned Leagues over Non Sanctioned Leagues by year 3.

b.      Practice Rates

·         Minimum of 30 % discount from Open Bowling Rates for practice with pins (when lanes are available).

·         Free practice without pins (when lanes are available)

c.       Locker facilities, where they exist.

·         50% discount to BTBA members where available.

d.      Catering

·         General discount of 10% on RRP for all F&B at all times.

e.      Wi Fi Access

·         Free to BTBA members where public charges exist

f.        Sponsorship

·        Sponsorship of a National Tournament across all MFA centres to be known as the MFA League Cup. To be managed by BTBA, promoted by MFA and sponsored by MFA.

The National Council of the BTBA recognise that this is not the entire solution and that we need to engage with other proprietors to secure more widespread benefits which is very much our intention as we look to strengthen our relationships generally. We are not blind either to the concerns some members harbour about the long term objectives of MFA but having engaged with them at the highest level we are satisfied that MFA is an organisation sincerely committed to Sport Bowling and open to a long term and mutually beneficial partnership. In addition to the above benefits,  MFA have committed to 100% Lane Inspection throughout their centres and we in return will work to assist them bring equipment and lane standards to a level where we can issue Certification for Sanctioned Leagues.

As a BTBA Member you fit into one of the following 3 Categories and we encourage you to take the following action:

1.       You Bowl at an  MFA Centre in a BTBA Sanctioned League:

a.       Contact your Bowl Manager to start enjoying immediate benefits

b.      Encourage other bowlers to join the BTBA and join a Sanctioned League.

2.       You Bowl at an  MFA Centre in a Non Sanctioned League:

a.       Encourage your fellow League Members to join the BTBA and become a Sanctioned League.

b.      Encourage your Bowl Manager to meet our Lane Inspection criteria.

3.       You Bowl at a non MFA Centre:

a.     This is a BTBA initiative and is not exclusive to MFA Centres. Invite your Bowl Manager to contact your Regional Officer (details available from Head Office or and discuss offering a similar package. Proprietors both small and large are welcome to join the Partnership provided they meet BTBA criteria.

b.      Encourage your Sanctioned League to enter the MFA League Cup

The success of this and other similar initiatives relies on the existing membership taking advantage of it wherever you can so please do not be backward in coming forward,


Jerry Moll

Director of Membership Services

British Tenpin Bowling Association

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