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BTBA Senior Masters 2015

Congratulations to Alan Keddie and Angie Brown for winning the 2015 BTBA Senior Masters, held on December 5th 2015 at the newly refurbished Mansfield Bowl in Nottingham.  Both Alan and Angie were celebrating back-to-back Masters wins, and are pictured with the latest in new bowling ball technology from Storm Team England's sponsors, Storm Bowling.

Remembering Albert Kirkham

It has been 50 years since the first BTBA sanctioned 300-game was rolled by an Englishman. 

“I was delighted, recently, to be reminded of a time when bowling a 300 was almost unheard of. It seemed appropriate to go back and remember the first ever 300 bowled in England (by an Englishman). This was by Albert Kirkham at the Top Rank Bowl in Chester on the 5th of December 1965. So it was with great pleasure that the BTBA have sent a special '50th Anniversary Certificate of Achievement' to his family to mark the occasion.”

Ron Griffin, BTBA Chairman


The Inside Line - Volume 2 Issue 4

 A special welcome to new and returning BTBA members.  I am pleased to now attach the latest issue of The INSIDE LINE.  Although publication of this issue was unfortunately delayed, this has enabled us to produce a comprehensive issue of the latest news, including:


Head Office Reorganisation

Over the last 2 years the National Council have been striving to streamline the BTBA finances and operational efficiency. Since relocation to Romford, Head Office has cost an average of £75K per annum which represents approximately 70% of our total Membership Fees.


Hadley Morgan and Keira Reay Win Stop #3

The third and final stop of the 2016 Adult Team England Trials took place at MFA Bowl Sheffield, on September 12th and 13th.  Bowlers completed 6 games on each of the WTBA Patterns Los Angeles (short), Athens (Medium) and Mexico City (long).  Full results here..


WNC Diamond Trios 2015

Sunday 11th October saw the return of the WNC (Women’s National Council) Diamond Trios tournament at a new location of Rogue Bowling, Aylesbury.  Karen Parslow has sent a report and results.  Click here for more..

51st QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

Two top-20 finishes and the only 300-game of the 51st Bowling World Cup as Sam Rose and Keira Reay complete an amazing week bowling in Las Vegas.  Click here for more..


Dorset and Surrey Double-Champions

Congratulations to Dorset Men and Surrey Ladies who both triumphed at the 2015 BTBA Inter-County Championships the weekend past, both Counties winning back-to-back years.  Click here for more..


Safeguarding Children


"The BTBA believe a young person
should never suffer abuse"

Safeguarding Policies

51st Bowling World Cup

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